STIPO: "The clubbers, which I highly appreciate, bring a special energy to the dance floor"

You’re known for your love of vinyl and as a key player in Vienna’s electronic music scene. Can you tell us what drew you to vinyl, and how it shapes your approach to DJing and music selection?

For more than 15 years I’ve been part of the viennese clubbing scene. Specifically, locations like the old Pratersauna, Sass Music Club and Grelle Forelle introduced me to electronic music, where vinyl is very present. I was hooked from the beginning and also wanted to collect the music I love. So I started in 2017 and began mixing in that year. Although my music selection mainly consists of 90s house records, I also fall back on digital music from various time periods. Yet, playing with turntables is much more appealing to me because it requires more precision and you have to rely entirely on your sense of hearing.

Vienna seems to hold a special place in your heart, given your frequent performances in the city. Can you share what makes Vienna’s electronic music scene unique to you? How has the city influenced your musical journey?

I was born and raised in Vienna and I’m certain that I’ll never move away because of the numerous positive experiences I have made. The Viennese local DJ scene has potential to become internationally recognized because we play a unique and driving sound that varies greatly – so it never get’s boring. The clubbers, which I highly appreciate, bring a special energy to the dance floor. If a DJ catches the audience, she or he will receive noticeable feedback.

Your involvement with VIE.W and Rhythm Science has allowed you to collaborate with fellow artists and curate events. Could you give us some insight into the philosophy and vision behind these collectives and what they aim to achieve in the Vienna music landscape?

Rhythm Science was founded six years ago and our initial vision was quite clear. We wanted to fill a void in the scene after the closure of Pratersauna, probably the best viennese underground club, in 2017. It was our wish to maintain quality electronic music events. Rhythm Science is essentially an in-house event at Sass Music Club, which has enabled us to host our monthly series with international guests, especially emerging artists that haven’t played in Vienna before. Over the past few years we’ve managed to build a loyal core audience. Even if the booking is unknown to them, they can be sure that they’ll experience quality sound.

With Vienna Worldwide (VIE.W) I have been organizing events for two years together with Apua and DJ Void. We all share a strong passion for music and both of them have been supporting me from the very start.

As a booker for the PRST club in Vienna, you have a significant role in shaping the nightlife of the city. How do you approach your role as a booker, and what do you look for in artists and music to bring to the club’s stage?

I’m just starting out and need to adapt to this new role, which I’m very grateful for. As a booker, I need to broaden my horizons and keep an eye on the development in other scenes as well. I will give it my best to curate next years program that is beneficiary for the local scene and for the club itself. Due to its size I’m enabled to book bigger acts which will be significant in shaping the nightlife of the city. In my opinion has one of the best sound systems in Europe, and I want to invite genuine artists that appreciate such a blessing.

Vienna has a rich history of electronic music. Are there any local artists or venues in the city that have particularly inspired or influenced your sound?

Vienna has a rich history of electronic music and there are many clubs and local artists that have influenced my sound. The old Pratersauna, Grelle Forelle and Sass Music Club are unmatched venues that inspired me. Apart from these three clubs, Auslage was also an inspiration and back then the booker, Aleks Gavric, supported me when I started out as a DJ. Unfortunately, it closed in winter 2018 and Vienna lost another great club. Yet, my biggest musical inspiration are my close friends.

Tell us about your brand, Rhythm Science. What inspired you to start it, and what are your aspirations for the brand in the future?

Rhythm Science was founded together with my friend and DJ, Rizmo and with my girlfriend Isi. A year later our friend and DJ, Eye F joined us as well. Back then we all had the same vision and aspirations. Along the road, we have decided to go different paths but still support each other. In 2022 my good friend and DJ, Alice, joined the collective. We want to be a constant in the scene, which is why we decided to exclusively host our parties on a monthly basis at Sass Music Club. The team truly supports us by allowing us to invite the artists of our interest. Hence, there’s a possibility that Rhythm Science will also host special events at every once in while. 

While you’re primarily based in Vienna, you occasionally play in other cities. What motivates these excursions, and how do the experiences differ from your performances in your hometown?

Although I like playing in other cities, it is not my main motivation. The clubs in Vienna put a great focus on sound quality, which is why I love playing here. Pro Performance, the audio engineering firm behind the clubs top-notch Lambda Labs sound systems, also plays a crucial part. Their knowledge is unmatched. When I play abroad, it’s usually for friends who share the same spirit as I do. I enjoy the nights with these crews on a personal level. My latest gigs in Valencia at Oven Club, legendary Spook Club & La Casola were definitely my favourites ones until now.


What’s next on the horizon for Stipo? Any exciting projects, releases, or events you’d like to share with your listeners and fans? 

At the moment my focus is put on the duties as a booker for With Rhythm Science, we want to continue inviting artists that haven’t had the pleasure of playing in the city yet. In general, I will strive to push the local electronic music scene and bring it back to where it once was. I look forward to the near future because we are releasing the first Rhythm Science EP on vinyl, produced by our friend Porco Rosso from Frankfurt.

Can you provide some recommendations for newcomers to Vienna’s electronic music scene – must-visit venues, record shops, or emerging local talents that people should keep an eye on?

Must-visit venues in Vienna are, Sass Music Club & Grelle Forelle. Apartment Acht, Substance Records and Sing Sing Records are shops I highly recommend. There are also some big Discogs Sellers in town like Fivehouse and 3345recordsvienna. 

Vienna has an amazing variety of local DJs and collectives which support each other. I recommend newcomers to Vienna’s electronic music scene to check out any party of these crews:

·       Apartment Acht (David, Dorian Mast, Voodoo77)

·       Connecting People (Maximo, Dj.eesy, Kretschmann)

·       Cyber (Gbrl & Reinhard Zach)

·       Entrance (Eye F, Jpeg., Konman, Rizmo)

·       Euphoria (Børt, Bibim DJ, Dj Hybris, Farr)

·       Festklub (Baka, Saba, Mattheku, Møller, Seb Soda)

·       LHF Squad (Felix Rupprecht, Sumi, vince)

·       Lucid Sound (Matthäus, Pipo Schmidt)

·       Merkwürdig (Fabiano Jose, Reinhard Zach)

·       Mosaik (ÆX, FUNK U Saman)

·       Move & Connect (Kretschmann)

·       Redivider (Big Stein, Dj Deadlift, Tezibel)

·       Rhythm Science (Alice & Stipo)

·       Sonic Resistance (Katia Curie & Nizar Sarakbi)

·       Sprenger Solutions (Adrian Camillo & Manuel Correa)

·       Superstate (Clubtwelve & Flœr)

·       Vienna Worldwide (Apua, Dj Void & Stipo)

·       Vibrant (Ulfersson)

DJs that I haven’t mentioned above are hence not to be overlooked: Roderick Merkx, Foxloe, DJ Hill, Fritello Tonato, Vaπessa and Dzc.